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Sick Bricks, Sick Single Character Pack

Sick Bricks, Sick Single Character Pack

Sick City is under attack! The Evil Overlord Omega and his goons are on a rampage bringing it to rubble. Now it’s up to you to join forces with Jack Justice and the Sick Bricks to stop him. How? Build your Sick Bricks character and then use your smartphone or tablet (device sold separately) to beam it into the free Sick Bricks game! Your character will instantly come to life and you can discover all of their special powers and combat abilities. In the game you will go on missions, battle the goons, explore secret hideouts and earn bricks to rebuild the city to its former glory. Should you ever need more powers to solve a mission, collect more figures (each sold separately) to unlock amazing combinations. Whether they’re Ninja, Space or Mutant bricks, just mix and match their heads and bodies in the real world and beam them into the game to create powerful combo-characters! With so many Sick Brick figures to collect, there are thousands of combinations to unlock! It’s totally sick! Get sucked into the game with Sick Bricks!


  • Get sucked into the game with Sick Bricks Single Pack! Build your Sick Bricks figure and join the battle against Omega Overlord to save Sick City!
  • Beam your figures into the FREE Sick Bricks game using your smartphone or tablet camera to uncover their unique combat abilities.
  • Need more powers? Collect more Sick Bricks (sold separately), mix and match, and then beam the new combo-characters into the game!
  • Made for sick gamers ages 6+. Download the Sick Bricks Game for FREE on iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle. Device not included.


  • 1 Sick Bricks figure
  • 1 Team Brick